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Acquarius Square. 8/10_974 Patological addiction from the information of the reality. 8/10_973 Function of dreams. 8/10_972 The desperate and heartbreaking cries of young child. 8/10_971
Dissociayed consciousness and castration complex. 8/10_970 Drug addiction. 8/10_969 After the collapse. 8/10_968 Democratic Party. 8/10_967
Conflict. 8/10_966 Psychiatry and psyichoanalys. 8/10_965 Mugshot. 8/10_964 Trump and the after reality. 8/10_963
Putin. 7/10_962 Family systems. 8/10_961 The relationship between dissociated consciousness and perceptual consciousness. 8/10_960 The difference between a democracy, even if imperfect, and the totalitarian regime. 8/10_959
Small unsolicited advice for myself. 8/10_958 Comic book. 7/10_957 Dream language. 7/10_956 Quantum phisics. 7/10_955
To understand. 7/10_954 Deep-seated anticommunism ad anti-americanism. 7/10_953 Character traits. 7/10_952 A small remote control for opening gates. 7/10_951
Secondary adaptation. 6/10_950 Adults. 6/10_949 Chocolat , a film of Lasse Hallstrom. 8/10_948 Words have  a meaning. 8/10_947
Emma Dante. 6/10_946 Trump and his narratives of unreality. 6/10_945 Fukushima and the radioactive water discharge into the ocean. 6/10_944 The disociative consciouness symbolically represented. 6/10_943
The infectors and the infected. 6/10_942 Addictions. 6/10_941 Creation. 6/10_940 Ti rissi NO!! (Ti ho detto NO!!) 6/10_939
Man, the consciousness machine/dissociated, mass comunication and what man is forced to believe. _6/10_938 Mental health._5/10_937 Languages._5/10_936 History and reality._5/10_935
Symptoms and pathologies._5/10_934 Mine vaganti di Ferzan Ozpetek. 5/10_933 Rape._5/10_932 Freedom of thought and action. _4/10_931
Current state of dissociated human consciousness._4/10_930 A dreams of syntesis. _4/10_929 About on the German clock. 4/10_928 About synchronicity phenomena._3/10_927
The false unconscious of dissociated consciousness._2/10_926 What psychoanalysis called "unconscious". _2/10_925 Dreams._2/10_924 Determinism._2/10_923
The unique engine._ 1/10_ 922 Systems._1/10_921 A possible Trump "de noantri". 1/10_920 To agree with someone._1/10_919
Quantum consciousness._1/10_918 Feminicides._1/10_917 Homosexuality and homophobia. 1/10_916 This work._1/10_915
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